Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Underrated Writers, 2006 Edition

Jeff and Trevor have compiled and published their list of underrated writers. I nominated Elizabeth Bown and Tsitsi Dangarembga. I was excited to see Richard Grayson nominated. I met him this fall. He’s a really nice person, and a great teacher, too. Shortly after I wrote my hand-wringing entry about Barbie, a book appeared in my mailbox: it was Richard’s I Survived Caracas Traffic with the hilarious story “Twelve Step Barbie” marked.

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equiano said...

Great that you nominated Dangarembga! She has much to offer in both fiction and film. Went to an event last month where she showed film clips of her work (a first for me) and it was fascinating to see how she works. NERVOUS CONDITIONS is an extraordinary novel, not sure that the new one lives up to it, but is interesting nonetheless.

Thanks for your Lalami, Ochsner, Radojcic recommendations - not big over here, but I will look out for them.

Happy New Year!