Monday, September 24, 2007


Do you ever stumble upon the blog of someone whom you know in “real” life and read it, sneakily comparing the online persona against the person you know? Do you ever confess to a live friend that you blog only to have them come out to you as a reader?

Great guilty pleasures, both, of our digital age.


Ron Wulkan said...

May I send you my novel? To prove this isn't a waste of time, the motivation can be found at:

I attended the "Rape of Nanking" Conference at Princeton's Wilson Center of International Studies with the late best-selling author, Iris Chang when I researched my novel, "The Gook Lover." She encouraged me to write my book even as she at the peak of her too-short brilliant career.

"The Gook Lover" is pro-Asian, anti-Imperialist story of Tomi Tomigawa, a young Japanese officer who lost his soul at the Rape of Nanking and other war crimes he was forced to commit. He worked for the U.S. Army during the Occupation and gets involved in the black market. Tomi builds a car manufacturing company that eventually becomes the world's biggest. Acclaimed as "modern Japan's Henry Ford," Tomi barely obeyed the last third of the ancient Chinese adage: "Think. Organize. Do Good."

A casual glance in a Manhattan book store window ignites his latent shame and changes his life and possibly, that of Japan's denial of its war crimes.

If there's interest, send your address via email and I'll send a view copy.


The Gook Lover ISBN 978-0-615-15455-8
trade paperback US$12.95
Putnam, St. Clair & Wyeth, publishers

Dave Munger said...

It completely freaks me out when I find out someone I know has been reading my blog. They'll say something out of the blue that they read in the blog. It feels like they've been talking about me behind my back -- even though all they're doing is reading the things I've said publicly.

Even worse is when someone I think I know pretty well *doesn't* read my blog. Like, you know, my mom....

Dr. Crazy said...

There's also the third scenario: when a reader comments, and you realize that you know the reader, and you tell them your real life identity - what happened with you and me!

But I did have the second scenario happen to me at a conference this summer, and I actually thought it was great! It was like this conference friend (whom I'd not seen in a few years) was all caught up on my things without me having to rehash everything. And it made me feel like a minor celebrity :)