Thursday, September 11, 2008

53 days...

....books for Barack.

Speaking of autographs....Ayelet Waldman is having a silent book auction as part of an Obama fundraiser. I don't even have any copies of my out-of-print scholarly book to hand. Does anyone really want a copy of the instructor's guide to *The Norton Reader*? No.

But maybe you, dear reader, have written a book? And maybe you would like to donate a copy to a tony Bay Area fundraiser where donors will bid and raise money for Obama. If you do, pop your book into an envelope and send it her way.

(Don't have Ayelet's mailing address in your iPhone? Public as she is, I'm not sure she wants it all over the web. I got it fourth hand from my friend Kenny. So email me: I'll hook you up.)

Updated: Did you think I was kidding?


Natalie said...


Thanks for visiting my site Politics for Moms. I understand your point about the two misstatements per side. However, what I intended was for the reader to click through to the complete reports by The two statements were simply to give a reader and example of what they would find.

If you know of another site that also provides fact checking, I'd be interested in you sending me the link.

Thanks, Natalie

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