Wednesday, July 07, 2010

How I love Mark Bittman

My father always says that there is nothing that is not better with a little peanut butter. To prove it, he would, when we were little, accept our challenges to add peanut butter to everything from vegetables to burgers. He was always right: peanut butter makes life better. I used to sit on the counter next to him with a couple spoons, a jar of Adams Natural Extra Crunchy and a jar of Best Food’s Mayonnaise. Dig in! So this, from Mark Bittman’s grilling piece in the Times this week made me laugh out loud:
20. Grill pineapple (or anything, really, from pork to tofu to eggplant). Make a sauce of half-cup peanut butter, a tablespoon (or more) soy sauce, a dash (or more) sriracha chili sauce, a handful of basil or mint and enough warm water to thin. (I’m tempted to say, “Throw away the pineapple and eat the sauce,” but the combination is sensational.)
If you don’t have his Kitchen Express yet, it’s a great cookbook for anyone who already knows how to cook: full of easy and creative ideas for throwing dinner together in a snap, all along the lines of this Times grilling piece: healthy and hearty, big flavors, not too much work. It’s the only cookbook I brought with me to the River this summer and I’ve loved everything I’ve made so far.

P.S. So far includes:

  1. grilled shrimp & watermelon skewers
  2. chicken paillards, grilled radicchio and endive & grilled lemons
  3. sauteed zucchini and tomatoe with chorizo (or, if your market is really awful, spicy breakfast sausage...)
P.P.S. In spite of the heat, the abundant vegetables, and my devoted adherence to 5 days/week of exercise, I have lost no weight. Hmm... 

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Anne Camille said...

I laughed when I read this too. But my reason was because I HATE peanut butter. Don't even like the smell of it. This may be the first Bittman recipe I've decided that there is no way that I will try it. Would be willing to try any of the other recipes he liste d. Don't have Kitchen express but How To Cook Everything, & How to Cook ...Vegetarian are my go to cookbooks. Not sure why I have the other 100 or so cookbooks in my pantry bookcase!