Monday, September 26, 2011

One Diary Entry, Five Footnotes

"& then there was Mrs Asquith. I was impressed. She is stone white: with the brown veiled eyes of an aged falcon; & in them more depth & scrutiny than I expected; a character, with her friendliness, & ease, & decision. Oh if we could have had Shelley’s poems, & not Shelley the man! she said. Shelley was quite intolerable, she pronounced; she is a rigid frigid puritan” (D 2.244; 4 June 1923)

My notes to self: 
  1. add to fn. re her memoirs which are in the bookshop window in Mrs. Dalloway
  2. falcon: add to fn. about bird re: Clarissa & about martial Lady Bruton
  3. Shelley: Clarissa and Sally read and love Shelley
  4.  Shelley: Clarissa’s favorite poet from back in 1915
  5. disapproval of Shelley: cf. Richard’s disapproval of Shakespeare

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