Saturday, November 21, 2009

H.O.W. Holiday Costume Party!!!

I'm on the board for the H.O.W. Literary Journal, an exciting new journal that is also a charity dedicated to helping orphans worldwide.

On December 6, they're having a holiday party with readings by Willie Perdomo and Tao Lin and the proceeds benefit teens in the Safe Space Program.

My costume involves peacock feathers.

Tickets are only $20 and drinks are free from 6-7. Click on the link to purchase.

What's not to like?

H.O.W. Journal wants to see you
on Sunday, Dec 6th, 6pm - 9pm

at Macao Trading Co.
311 Church Street, NYC 10013
$15 advance tickets, $20 at the door
Funds raised at this event will be used to start an art, music and film-making program for young adults at Safe Space. For more info. and to buy tickets please see below.

Readings by Tao Lin and Willie Perdomo

Free Drinks from 6-7pm!

Holiday Costume Contest

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where I've been, etc...

It seems like I'm gone, but I'm not.

I will be back.

See, usually my blog is a welcome dose of sanity during a busy semester. This semester is no less busy, but approaching I see the heartening sight of January and with January comes A SABBATICAL.

So, I am simultaneously very very busy and looking forward to regrouping with you all when I really have a moment to compose myself.

Until then, I will be grading papers.