Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Woolf makes good things happen

I am utterly delighted. Right before Christmas, a friend wrote on behalf of a stranger: would I read her manuscript on Woolf, designed for a popular audience? I agreed, curious. Weeks later, I finally read and made comments on it. It’s a great and fun idea and I wish it well, even think it could sell lots of books. She wrote right back with a lovely thank you and I thought that was the end, but just now, in my office inbox, I find an envelope from her with a beautiful turquoise, lapis, and gray silk scarf inside: “it seemed like it might be the sort of thing one would have seen at a Bloomsbury fete” she writes. I feel so lucky.

On another topic: Christo's gates are going to be gorgeous! A parade of orange.

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amcorrea said...

That sounds wonderful! After all, it was common experiences that drew her attention...things we all know. The genius of her writing holds this at the very core.