Thursday, March 31, 2005

McEwan and Cervantes

Today, I have two small things about big books, old & new.

Over at Slate, Katie Roiphe offers an informed and extended version of the speculations about McEwan’s Saturday and its debt to Mrs. Dalloway that I floated earlier this week. (I was just guessing; Roiphe's read the book & confirms.)

Bud Parr has invited me to join the crew over at 400 Windmills (where they’re [we’re!] reading Don Quixote together). I’m very excited and will let you know when I add something over there.

UPDATE: I dipped my toes into the water at 400 Windmills with a tiny factual post: Edith Grossman is giving a lecture in New York on 4/28. She's the acclaimed translator of Cervantes. And a small post on not reading Cervantes, too.

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