Monday, July 11, 2005

MIT Weblog survey

Thanks, Saralynn for the tip. If you haven't done it, think about doing the survey now. It'd be good to have lots of women and book bloggers counted:

Take the MIT Weblog Survey


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anne, I filled out the survey. Now you'll need to recruit two women to counterbalance.

Unknown said...

Actually, women are outnumbering men by a lot so far. And, in the end, I am more in favor of the science of it than the cheerleading feminism.

What surprised me was the answer to how many people most bloggers guess (know?) that read them: the tallest bar was for 1-10 folks. Since I figure most of the blogs I read have many more readers than I do, this surprised me considerably.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where are you finding the results? I can only find the survey page.

Unknown said...

You can go back to the start page & log in again--it's not very intuitive & took me a couple tries, but I'm sure *you* can get there.

: )