Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I don't have the patience to write tonight and I'm eager to finish Homecoming, which dazzles. So, in the search for inspiration, I checked out Google's new blog search, you know, the one all the kids are talking about these days, and lo & behold, I found this: Summer Pierre's blog with her account of what it was like to sing in the middle of the reading on Monday night.

Elsewhere,Ian McEwan reconfirms what sociologists and literary historians keep saying—women read more than men. And, did you see this great monument to procrastination, a “Not to do” list? Both of these links come from Maud Newton, of course.

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Thomas F. Schminke said...

I am working my way through Greenberg's "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden". Any thoughts on that text?
I happen to like crazy person stories and alternate worlds ("Briefing For a Descent into Hell" ... and "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" is easily in my top 10, more of an alternate metaphor than an alternate world there, but, you know).
There doesn't seem to be anything extra special about this text so far, though, and i'm about half way through, so i'm trying to determine why it is so famous.
Of course it does pre-date the others, so that might be a big part of it.