Monday, March 06, 2006


It’s not so much that I have been—or am—depressed these days. Just that I feel the imminent presence of the winter blues. So, I spend time and energy staving them off. Today, that effort got a big boost in the form of three free books in the mail: two of the LBC’s nominated titles for the Spring READ THIS! Selection and a book from Knopf’s First Reader program—something I signed up for through their website a million years ago and promptly forgot.

I know nothing about any of these books. All three are pretty—one is especially so, with gorgeous endpapers and a handsome cover—and enticing. It feels like spring.

So, when I heard an Oscar pundit surmise that Crash’s massive campaign of mailing out DVDs to Academy members might have put it over the edge, I understood. There’s nothing like a little freebie to lift the late-winter blues.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, bugger the DVDs. It was a great film and deserved its win in a strong field. I was just glad to see it nominated - the other films were all terrific too. Any one of them could have won I think. Brokeback was a winner just by getting the message out all over the multiplexes - that's how the West is won these days.