Monday, August 21, 2006

Tim Tams

Our peerless babysitter is back from a month in Australia and New Zealand and, when she came to sit on Friday, she brought a bag full of gifts: a boomerang, very cool stickers of aboriginal art, a koala t-shirt for the dear one, and a sheep bib for the babe. She also brought a package of Tim Tam biscuits for my husband and me. She explained to the dear one and me how to eat them: you bite off opposite corners of the chocolate covered biscuit and use it like a straw, sucking your tea or coffee through it.

The next day, the dear one and I were showing off our bounty to my husband. As I explained how to eat the cookies, his expression was amused and skeptical. The dear one didn’t miss a beat. Stepping up on tiptoes, she whispered in my ear, ‘You can share them with me, Mommy.”


lucy tartan said...

Yup. That's called a Tim Tam slammer, and like other kinds of slammer, should only be taken in strict moderation.

Although if you go too slow, the other person will get the last odd tim tam (and there is always an odd one - only eleven in the packet.)

Anonymous said...

I thought this might lure you out, Lucy!

They are so good--the biscuits & the slammers. mmm!! I am the mistress of the Tim Tams in our apt...

---Anne (who forgot her own password)