Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Shorts

The day began at 6:00. I got all my ducks in a row--formula mixed, some of it stirred into rice cereal flakes, coffee made, yogurt smoothie poured into sippy cup, showered. So, when the girls awoke at 7 (bless them for sleeping!), I was ready to go.

By 8:30, one was at preschool, the other, at daycare, and I was voting. #82 in my little precinct which, I was told was a lot for so early in the morning. Good. I want lots and lots of people to vote. Good.

I promptly turned my ankle-badly--on the uneven walk, nervously remembering previous election days. Not good.

CNN had some crazy "Democracy Bus" out in front of the TimeWarner building: cameras, a grafitti board, etc. Goofy but festive, even at 9:30 in the morning. It was very festive indeed when I was limping home at 3:30. Strange.

Then, in Starbucks, there was Leslie Stahl, getting her mochachino or whatever she drinks and a Ray Charles cd. Full make-up, black ballerina flats, and New York Times. Seeing her always cheers me somehow: it's nice to think that these television journalists spend at least some time sitting in Starbucks reading the paper and thinking about their stories. That seemed good and exciting. As I stood next to her, I wanted so badly to say something, but what? That seemed good, too.

So here I sit, exhausted and watching the results.

I am amused and occasionally engrossed by politics but I pray for peace. I hope for peace.


Louise said...

Celebrating yet? You should be...so far so good though of course this wouldn't be a Bush election without some dispute over votes...xxx

Louise said...

Well now I'm really celebrating...both houses and no more Rumsfeld. Hooooooooooooray!

Unknown said...

Amazing, huh? I'm in shock. My hope is cautious but there's a little part of me that's breaking out the champagne...