Thursday, February 01, 2007


I explained to my older daughter (4), that “exhausted” means “very very very very very very tired.” Now, she has taken to adding “exhaust-“ as a prefix to any word to make it a hyper-superlative (so favored among the preschool set). Thus, we get “Wow, Mom! Applesauce, fish sticks, ketchup, and cottage cheese. There’s nothing here that children don’t like! This dinner is exhaust-great!”

As childhood mispronunciations (compity for company, regliar for regular) fall by the wayside, it’s exhaustgreat to have a new linguistic oddity (beyond the amazing Jersey accent!) to amuse and delight us…


Anne Camille said...

I find this amusing, but am way too tired right now to hear the word in all of its Jersey glory. I have a hunch, though, that somewhere in the middle of a conference call tomorrow with one of my East Coast colleagues I will get a very clear idea of the 4-year Jersey pronounciation of "exhaustgreat" and I can only hope that I won't burst out laughing! (This claim made by someone hailing from the area where it takes quite a mouthful of R's to wash your clothes, as in "wahrrrsh", only one of several Hoosier linquistic abberations.)

JohnFox said...

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Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...



My wee girls (twins, 4) were at the zoo with their grandparents recently. My dad asked them if they knew where giraffes come from.

"Yes," said one "They come from far in the African distance."

I'm having a lot of fun snooping around here. You've hit upon a problem I have, in another of your posts: what, in my ever-mushrooming to-read list, should I pick up next?

I'm on a bit of a Virginia Woolf kick at the moment which is making that easier than usual, but then what? In my 32 years I haven't developed any reliable system for this other than the eenie-meenie method.

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