Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Cottagers, Sacco & Vanzetti Must Die

So, last week was all about Mark Binelli's romp of an historical novel, Sacco and Vanzetti Must Die--life intervened and so only belatedly am I urging you to hop over there and check out the discussion.

This week is for The Cottagers a chilling suspense and murder tale about unhappy young academics on vacation on Vancouver Island. It's a brutal, gorgeously written and stressful book. I found myself savoring the first half and then gorging on the second--partly the pleasure of suspense and partly, I'll confess, the need to leave the company of these yucky people--nightmare versions of myself and other academics I've known...

Our fearless nominator, C. Max Magee, is emceeing the festivities. He posted--and inspired a second post--on suspense yesterday and he kicks off today's posts with an elegant description of bad vacations--how soon things go awry, how fun they are to read about. I contributed a post of my own--all true--too.

(And, as I'm posting from away from home today--but this is a research trip, not a vacation--I'm hoping this isn't a jinx....)

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