Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Woolf

Elisa Sparks is working on a Second Life Woolf project and blogging about her progress here. (I’ll confess, I had no idea what Second Life even was, but Elisa’s site is informative: it’s a virtual world, like video gaming sites or Webkinz, but without all the ads, presumably. You can see more here.

And the Woolf Society of Great Britain is sponsoring an essay contest in memory of the late, great, and much missed Julia Briggs: 3,000 words on Woolf as a common reader. The prize is £250.

My copy of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany arrived at last and with it, my review of the Glendenning biography of Leonard. Opposite that, Suzette Henke’s review of me. It’s positive and eloquent, so I am really, really pleased. But most stirring of all—these first two are not stirring at all, just a little exciting—were the remembrances of Julia. They were so moving that I could not finish them. I have gone for months without thinking of her often or with much emotion, but then to read remembrances of her kindness by friends and Woolf scholars whom I admire brought it all back. It is amazing how many lives a good person can touch.

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