Monday, September 08, 2008

We interrupt this blog...

Being lied to makes me crabby.

So I'm embarking on a 60-day "What did you do for Obama today?" campaign. No more hand-wringing, just hard work for the good old USA and our best hope of some change.

Here's my first contribution:


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just because I'm decently apolitical, especially this year, but I can't help but question how this helps Obama. Instead of attacking the other guys, just tell me why Obama needs to be in office. Everyone keeps saying the same old thing about McCain and Palin. Take your teams own advice and CHANGE. Please, tell me why Obama is worth my vote. So far I'm not convinced. In fact, as the days goes by I grow more and more leery. Don't think I'm voting for McCain, I'm not. Instead, I'll probably be staying home this year... and this is the first year I'll even be able to vote.

In my honest opinion, Obama is just too Socialist for me. I'm sorry. That's not the type of change that I want, a pseudo deity and a totalitarian style government. Nice video though :)

Unknown said...

Hi, Anon, and thanks for your thoughtful comment.

I hear what you're saying about the pomp and circumstance of the Obama campaign. I am susceptible to it--love it--but I do think it's right and smart to be suspicious of it.

Still, campaigns do have to run ads and often ads are this basic: a quick rebuttal on a remark or, in this case, another (misleading) ad.

As for issues, let me try a couple out on you. Maybe they'll be too liberal, but I do think, between the two the choice is clear:

1) Iraq: Obama was against the war from the start and now he favors a timed withdrawal, a plan that is also favored by the Iraqi government. While McCain wants us to focus on military successes in a war we shouldn't have embarked upon, Obama consistently asks us to consider the real problem--terrorism--and how to combat it. In part, that means, I think, working for a stable Iraq.

2) Health care: Obama's plan would offer full coverage for every child and options for coverage for everyone in the nation. McCain's plan excludes anyone with a pre-existing condition. That is, he wouldn't even insure himself (as his cancer, in remission would disqualify him).

3) The constitution: Obama opposes torture and supports the legal rights of US detainees. McCain, who is running on his record as a war hero and, most significantly, a former POW, endorses the Bush administration's use of torture.

Finally, I think it's a shame not to vote. Vote for the lesser of two evils by holding your nose and pulling the lever; find a third-party candidate to support and lodge a protest vote by supporting him or her. But I believe strongly that part of the strength of our country emerges when smart people opt into the process, even to lodge their discontent.