Thursday, June 17, 2010

Partner's Compensation: A Theory of Salaries

"Senior managment's job is to pay people," he'd say, "If they fuck a hundred guys out of a hundred grand each, that's ten million more for them. They have four categories: happy, satisfied, dissatisfied, disgusted. If they hit happy, they've screwed up. They never want you happy. On the other hand, they don't want you so disgusted you quit. The sweet spot is somewhere between dissatisfied and disgusted."--Michael Lewis, The Big Short


Anonymous said...

Are you reading this? I thought it was SUCH a good book!


Unknown said...

I finished it a while ago and loved it--gobbled it! Yes. He really knows how to tell a story. Nice to see you here!

Anne Camille said...

Once again reminded that I need to pick this up off the table where I placed it when purchased and actually read it!