Monday, October 08, 2012

The blog is dead! Long live the blog!

I miss blogging.

2012 has turned out to be my worst year for blogging yet. And, alas, one of my best for facebook. Now, I love facebook. I would never bore you with pictures of my daughters swirling apples around in a bowl of melted caramel, but there, in that happy let’s-pretend stew of friends from kindergarten up through now, there is something comforting in getting a few “likes” for that image of happy childhood.

Still, this was better. A better discipline for me and better for my writing.

I submitted the mss of my edition of Mrs. Dalloway on January 31. But it wasn’t quite right, and so the editors asked for a bunch of changes. I resubmitted it in June, but I didn’t send it to right batch of editors. Finally, every superior editor signed off on my work in August and, two Fridays ago, on 9/28, I submitted it a third time. I’m hoping it’s the charm.

And, part of that hope is all about the hope that I can return to writing little tiny essays here from time to time.

We shall see.


Margaret Gosden said...

I am so sorry to note, today, that you have quit blogging! An do hope that the 'charm' works for your final last submission of Mrs. Dalloway. Then, may be you can return from time to time with 'little tiny essays'! (The last time I met you briefly was when you were talking about TTL at one of the NY bookstores). Perhaps, when your book is on its way to being published, public relations will arrange a book tour for you in the New York area, giving you a chance to blog about that! By the way, did you know that Dame Eileen Atkins is now playing the aunt role in the hilarious UK Doc Martin series, and is now, also, Hon. President of the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain! Fingers crossed! I am not a robot and security refuses to believe it!

mighty student said...

I would never carried you with images of my children circulating celery around in a dish of dissolved caramel, but there, in that satisfied let’s-pretend stew of buddies from pre-school up through now,

Unknown said...

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Gabe said...

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