Sunday, August 21, 2005

Feminist, Reader, Woolf

That's the title of my book. But you'll never be able to read it unless I finish it. I'll be back on September 1 to tell you that it's in the mail. Until then, with the diswasher fixed, I will be happily (?), anxiously ensconced in my closet, listening to Evening Music on WNYC and checking footnotes at night, trying to get to the Public Library during the day to study amidst all the other book-writing New Yorkers.


genevieve said...

You see, Anne, there should be more in your profile so obtuse people like myself describe you as a Woolf scholar rather than a fan. I am off to adjust the blog forthwith. Enjoy the dishwasher.

Anonymous said...

So? Is it in the mail yet? I don't mean to pushy (push, push), but inquiring minds want to know!

Unknown said...

Fan & scholar, Genevieve, fan & scholar. No worries. And noted: perhaps I'll fill out the profile--I haven't touched it since the tentative start.

Thanks for asking and for stopping by, both of you. I kind of can't believe it. I stopped at the magazine stand & got Marie Claire (fashion!) and National Geographic (Africa!) and am off to bed, with a dish of ice cream, to watch tv and look at pretty pictures. More to come! It'll be good to be back!