Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Litblogs & Doris Lessing

Scott (of Conversational Reading) has a nice piece on litblogs over at Rain Taxi (via Genevieve, weeks ago now [and Scott, why no women bloggers on your short list?]) and Bud links to a nice piece from the Wazee Journal (don’t know what that is) about the phenomenon of litblogging from a fellow addict:
But I offer this warning: lit blogs can be addictive. I have found myself awake in my den at 3 a.m., checking my Bloglines blogroll of blogs, hoping for new posts by Rake, GalleyCat, Grumpy Old Bookman, or Bookslut. And experimenting with lit blogs may lead to harder drugs, i.e. the political blogs…

I seldom check my own statistics, but I can tell you that they’ve been stubbornly stable for months (with a giddy-making small uptick last week—welcome to all three of you!), besides, this is a hobby, a pastime. When I was struggling through The Golden Notebook however, I did do a technorati search on Lessing, which led me to Thomas Schminke’s very interesting Withered Fields, a blog that combines philosophy with literature in ways very different from the usual fare on the blogroll. Check it out.

Most amazing of all, though, was the sheer coincidence of it: that, that very week, I could prove that there were two of us reading Lessing’s masterpiece and even copying some of the same passages into our computers. It made for good company during some tough reading and has made, I think, for some good conversation in the comments here. I'm grateful to blogging and to Thomas. If that isn’t a great compensation for slogging through the Lessing, I don’t know what is.

Having his virtual company is almost enough to make me consider blogging more about Lessing. We’ll see how the week goes. (I’m back in the city and a bit dazzled by the gorgeous shoes I saw on the uptown B this morning--on the feet of a woman reading my college's alumnae magazine.)


Thomas F. Schminke said...

Virginia Woolf is definitely better than Doris Lessing. "Mrs. Dalloway" is somewhere in my top 20 favorites ever.
I also much enjoyed "To the Lighthouse".

Woolf posts are sufficient to keep us stopping by.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Thomas. I can assure you there'll be more Woolf. As for Lessing, she does get me thinking--but not inspired. Cheers!