Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday, links elsewhere

  • Chris Raschka has won the Caldecott prize for best children’s picture book. (We’re not up to the Newbery stage yet here, the dear one being only three.) I remember prizing those books with their shiny gold medallions as a girl and am delighted that Raschka now joins that club. His Doggy Dog is a big favorite: an absurdist poem that anyone can love: “Doggy dog. You are a dog.” And his work on two illustrated poetry collections for children, A Poke in the I, a book of concrete or shaped poems (including George Herbert and John Hollander among others) and A Kick in the Head, a compendium of literary forms from couplet and haiku through sestina and beyond, are visual feasts.
  • Elsewhere, in children’s lit, Gwenda reports on and links to a great story about Dolly Parton’s genius book giveaway project.
  • Mrs. Bookworld led me to one of the great headlines ever: “Talking parrot gives away girlfriend's secret lover.” Definitely for the “There’ll always be an England” file.
  • For one last dose of James Frey, don’t miss the Rake’s ballad.
  • There’s a new carnival of feminists up at Feministe including lots of interesting links. You can also go to the Feminist Carnival blog for information about where and when new carnivals will appear. I was thrilled to be included in one a while back and continue to find lots and lots of great new reading in the blogosphere through this thriving carnival.
  • It’s old news now, but in case you missed Miss Snark’s Happy New Year bloopers, do check them out. One of the better such compendia I’ve seen.
  • Finally, last but not least: Happy, happy anniversary to Ana Maria at Out of the Woods Now! If you long for more poetry in your life, be sure to stop over there from time to time. She’s a near-name sister, fellow Libran, Quixotista, and, it turns out, about the same age as me, blogospherically speaking.

Happy Tuesday! Happy Linking!


Sarahlynn said...

Th Dolly Parton giveaway is very cool. It reminded me of Reading Is Fundamental, where I used to search the free book tables in the library looking for the gold foil stamp of excellence. I too loved the Caldecott books, and still do. Sometimes it was the runners up that really grabbed me. It's so sad that some of my childhood favorites are becoming harder to find. For example, "The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher" (Molly Bang, 1983) and "It's Raining Says John Twaining" (never even a runner-up, as far I can can tell).

Unknown said...

There's such a great pleasure, isn't there, in finding and sharing those beloved old ones. I remember RiF, too--dim memories of a cute ad on t.v.... Thanks for stopping by!