Friday, August 10, 2007

Gwenda Bond, Rainmaker

Well, I missed Always week--and that’s a sign of just how busy and scattered life is here at Fernham. For, how else could I miss a week focusing on a feminist writer whose latest book is set in Seattle? (That makes 3 recent LBC books in the PNW, by the way: Seven Loves, The Cottagers, and Always!)

In any case, you might check out some of the great discussion of and by Nicola Griffith at the LBC website and around the blogosphere. Gwenda Bond nominated the book and she really made it happen this week. You can read
  1. the Roundtable at the LBC
  2. Nicola at 5X5
  3. A guest essay at Booksquare
  4. Bookslut blog interview
  5. Metroblogging Seattle post
  6. and The Pivot Questionnaire.

And, I’d say, if you ever want someone to be your rainmaker, get on Gwenda’s good side fast. She really made it happen!!

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possum said...

Anne --
I came across your blog while researching something else. Wot wot. Abby Chew here, of that Indiana place. I hope you're well. It was good to come across this and to know you're writing.
Rock on.