Friday, August 01, 2008

The Twin Towers

My friend Erika has a lovely essay on her memories of the Twin Towers and Windows on the World over at Quay. I love this kind of essay—snapshots of the same thing, over time, and it seems to me an elegant and thoughtful way to evoke those ghosts now. Her evocation of the restaurant is so much more human and humane than DeLillo’s or Begbeder’s, so I am glad to add it to my little interior anthology of 9/11 literature.

(Not to mention that I take a secondary and far more vain pleasure in being the unnamed friend in the fourth section!)


Anne Camille said...

Thanks for linking to that. It is a lovely essay. The humanness of the earlier memories offset the glare of that harsh spotlighted pit at night without losing the eeriness of the place. I've been through the WTC PATH station countless times; I have ofen wondered when doing so, especially late at night, if the ghostliness of the place will ever dim.

Erika D. said...

Thank you, Anne, and thank you, Cam!