Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HOW party Thursday

My friends have started a literary magazine that is also a charity.

H.O.W. publishes literature & art and also sends money to an orphanage for children affected by the AIDs pandemic.

Tomorrow night, for a $10 cover, you can do good and feed your literary soul. The festivities are at Housing Works, the source of much goodness, and kick of at 6:30. It's a launch party for issue #3 which is a beauty.

Jonathan Lethem and Barry Youngrau are reading.

See you there?

(Housing Works is at 126 Crosby St., btw. Prince & Houston. email for more info.)

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m said...

Hi, Anne,

this is unrelated to this particular post, but I accidentally stumbled upon your blog when searching for an electronic copy of the Duffy Sasser compare and contrast essay--you posted a while back looking for the same thing yourself.

Anyway--long story short--I found my hardcopy and scanned it, and I'd be happy to email you the PDF if you're still interested.

I won't paste my email here just in case it would end up producing extra spam. But I'm easy to find. My name's "Marlon Kuzmick" and I teach in Harvard's Expository Writing Program (the original source of the Sasser-piece-qua-teaching-tool, if I'm not mistaken).

All the best,