Monday, October 27, 2008


For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.--Luke 12:48.

When Obama talks about tax reform and tax breaks on the middle class (those making annual salaries less than Sarah Palin's wardrobe & make-up allowance for early October, say), it's not so much Marx as it is a revisitation of JFK's modernisation of a verse from the Bible.

I'm just saying.

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Anne Camille said...

You betcha!

I keep thinking how much lower can they stoop, only to be surprised.

And don't you think McCain would have learned by now that the word is pundit not pun-dent.

Spent this evening at Campaign for Change HQ finding out what I'll be doing at the polls on election day. It's going to be one very long day, but I'm sure that the adrenaline will carry me through!

It took me > 1 hr to vote on Saturday. Some of the satellite early vote places had lines > 2 hrs long. I never dreamed Indiana would be a swing state but we are so close to turning this state Blue. Talked with volunteers from California, Michigan, Illinois today -- they're coming from all over to help us out. There are some precincts in my area that have registered over >1000 new voters. This is going to be exciting!