Monday, October 31, 2011

Draft footnote of the day: the daily paper

117.21 Morning Post: owned by Lady Bathurst, this was a publication of the extreme right, which had published violent anti-Semitic propaganda in 1920. Peter Walsh exaggerates Richard Dalloway's conservatism; he reads The Times. Cf. Woolf’s account of her paper-reading habits: “I have changed the Daily News for the Morning Post. The proportions of the world at once become utterly different. The M.P. has the largest letters & the double column devoted to the murder of Mrs Lindsay; anglo Indians, Anglo Scots, & retired old men & patriotic ladies writer letter after letter to deplore the state of the country; applaud the M.P., the only faithful standard bearer left” (D 2.127; 10 August 1921). Lady Ottoline Morrell announced her daughter’s (unsuccessful) social debut in the Morning Post. Cf. L 3.180: “Not a single party has Julian [Morrell] been asked to, though they put a notice in the Morning Post.” See also Mansfield’s story “The Dove’s Nest,” in which a female character consults The Morning Post in hopes of finding suitable conversation topics for a male luncheon guest (249). Woolf glanced at the Mansfield volume in June 1923 (D 2. 247-8).

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