Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Serpentine. Draft footnote of the day.

I am still here. I still exist. I have more substance than a tweet--barely--I'm just striving to make a 1/31/12 deadline for Dalloway and that makes me a little batty.

16.1 Serpentine The Serpentine is the lake in Hyde Park, formed in 1730 by the damming of the River Westbourne. Hyde Park, another of the major Royal Parks, appropriated by Henry VIII (1536), and site for carriage drives by the wealthy. Hyde Park lies to the west of Clarissa's route. For Clarissa’s memory of throwing a shilling into the Serpentine, see 277.17.  In 1903, Woolf wrote a short sketch about a woman who committed suicide by jumping into the Serpentine. See also her letter to Violet Dickinson, 22 May 1922: “you’ll tell me I’m a failure as a writer, as well as a failure as a woman. Then I shall take a dive into the Serpentine” (L 1.499). 

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