Monday, January 28, 2008

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And Max entertains fantasies of novelists starring in a Bravo-style reality show.

While my college listserv for writers and editors urges me to vote for Jamie Kiffel’s entry in the amazon contest.

YA novelist Grace Lin has two new books out for Chinese New Year: Bringing in the New Year (a picture book) and The Year of the Rat. She's also written a timely picture book on foreign adoption. In addition to being a wonderful author and illustrator and a great inspiring chronicler of Chinese-American life (we particularly love Red is a Dragon and The Ugly Vegetables), Grace was a student in my mother-in-law’s 8th grade English class years ago. Small world, eh?

Jessica, of The Written Nerd, won a big grant to get her Brooklyn bookstore started. Congratulations!!!

Paula weighs in on the perennial Virginia Woolf vs. James Joyce spat with some important context. (For the record, I refuse to choose: both are great beyond a doubt. One, as regular readers of this blog may have noted, is a personal obsession but I won’t proselytize…)

Pinky has some great, witty, postmodern Pinky-ish thoughts about reality and film with regards to Edward Doheny, Greystone Mansion (the house he built but did not live in, and There Will Be Blood, a film that isn’t really about Doheny but was filmed in the house that he built. Got that?

And Levi offers up the report on Mark’s reading last week.

Why couldn't I make it? Well, let's save that for another post...

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