Friday, January 18, 2008

East Coast Premier: Mark Sarvas reading Harry, Revised

Lock up the dog! Order a pizza for the kids! Do what you must to attend this event...

It's very exciting: Mark Sarvas of The Elegant Variation will be in town on next week for a Wednesday night reading of his forthcoming novel, Harry, Revised. I'm hoping to go--but the aforementioned kids and dog and prior commitment and all the necessities of balancing nights out with my spouse make things, well, uncertain. In any case, you should go.

If you haven't been following along on Mark's blog, he's been getting all kinds of exciting good news (fancy blurbs! translations! foreign rights!) before even the publication date, so you can attend and then tell everyone that you were present at the creation.

I'm being a little silly, of course, but I'm really, really happy. It's so wonderful when a great writer and blogger and person has good fortune.

Here's a bit from the press release:

Class of 2008--Reading Series at Boxcar Lounge
Boxcar Lounge
168 Ave. B, New York, NY
January 23, 2008
8:00 PM

Get a sneak preview of the coming year's best new first-time authors in the comfort of a cozy East Village bar. Boxcar Lounge is located at 168 Ave B (10th/11th). The series is curated by Jami Attenberg, author of Instant Love and the new novel The Kept Man (Riverhead Books, 2008).

You can read a full description of all three writers here.

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