Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

I remember listening to that exuberant, boring Stevie Wonder song as a little girl and hoping for a holiday.

Here it is and I feel so proud and happy. My little girl’s pre-K teacher read her a book on Dr. King in Spanish on Friday: “It started out when he was a tiny baby,” she said, making a cradle with her arms, and rocking an imaginary baby Martin.

Today, I’ve sent her off to daycare with her sister, our own MLK book in hand to “read,” so that I can try to catch up a bit on some of the many, many missed deadlines that hang overhead.

And I’m inching closer to volunteering for Obama. I dreamt about campaign strategy for him the other night, so clearly I’m obsessed.

The dream? A version of how he got trapped in the last debate with that “What’s your greatest weakness?” question. This time, the candidates were asked, a la Hillary in New Hampshire, how they kept up their energy while on the road and what their diets were. Obama mentioned something about low carbs and protein-rich salads. Cut to a smiling and proud Michelle. Then, Hillary raved about all the great potatoes in Idaho and the oranges in Florida and how eager she was for her next campaign stop in… I don’t know… add in your craven food/union/regional plug here.

In the coffee shop today, I was plugging Obama to a total stranger, so I'm already campaigning in my own way, I guess.

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Anne Camille said...

Dreaming about Hillary talking about potatoes in Idaho and oranges is Florida is wickedly funny. :)

Did you read the 1 page Q&A with Obama's sister (Maya Soetoro-Ng) in the NYT Sunday Magazine? Brief, but interesting.

My spouse, who is currently trying to read a bio of each US President, keeps telling me I should start with reading a bio about the next president. He read Audacity of Hope a year ago and has been bugging me to read it ever since.